LEGO Duplo Police Station Building Blocks -


LEGO Duplo Police Station Building Blocks

LEGO Duplo Police Station Building Blocks

  • Includes 3 LEGO Duplo figures: 2 police officers and a crook  
  • Features an easy-to-build police station with opening cell door and a toy police car with lights and siren sound  
  • Accessory elements include a mug, plus bricks decorated as doughnuts and a security camera  
  • Press the button to activate the police car siren and lights  
  • Catch the crook and take him to the toy police station with jail  
  • Use the modern characters, accessories and decorated bricks to have fun while helping your toddler learn about the police and how they help us  
  • Help your child master basic construction skills with this easy-to-build model  


Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO Duplo town: a recognizable world with modern Duplo figures. Pre-schoolers will love creating stories through pretend play at the easy-to-build police station. Help the police officers whizz out in the police car with flashing lights and siren sound to catch the crook on the run with the police officer’s doughnuts. Then take him back to the toy police station and lock him safely in the jail cell. Includes 3 Duplo figures.


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